Opening of candidacy for Board directorship

Board of Directors of Alkhalij Holding Company is pleased to announce the opening of candidacy for Board directorship for the next three years (2011 – 2013).

  1. Candidate should be not less than 21 years old.
  2. Candidate should not have been convicted of a criminal offence or a crime involving honor or honesty or any of the crimes referred to in Articles (324) & (325) of the companies law, unless he has reinstated.
  3. Be the owner of 1% of the company shares (i.e. 1,243,268 shares) which shall be assigned as security for guaranteeing the rights of the company, shareholders, creditors and others against the liability attaching to members of the Board.
  4. To comply with Article (97) of Commercial Companies Law No. (5) For 2002.

Applications will be received during the working hours from Sunday 06/02/2011 until Wednesday 16/02/2011 (5.00 PM).