QIG Financial Services

QIG Financial Services meet the ambitions of their customers QIG Financial Services is characterized by integrated services for individuals and companies with the aim of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction through the best remittance, financial and investment services.

The core services of the company are:

  • Remittance: Cash amounts are being exchanged all over the world through huge networks. The cash amounts are being sent through telex transfer and other modern methods including online remittance of cash through highly reputed international companies using secret codes and are complete within hours. The companies include: Western Union, Espress, EZ-Remit and Travelx.
  • Brokerage: Selling and purchasing shares listed in the Doha Securities Market for individuals, companies and other groups.
  • Management and Investment Funds
  • Management and marketing of new shares and securities in the Doha Securities Market.

QIG Financial Services’ respected customers regard the services provided with confidence and satisfaction. Relationships are strengthened on a daily basis which empowers the best services possible.