Dividend Distribution Notice

Qatari Investors Group is pleased to inform its valued shareholders that it will be handling the distribution of cash dividends to shareholders as of 19/03/2024, click below for details: Dividend Distribution Notice 2023

Qatari Investors Group ( Q.P.S.C) Dividend Distribution Announcement

Pursuant to the resolution of the Qatari Investors Group ( Q.P.S.C) (“ Qatari Investors Group  or the Company) Annual General Assembly meeting held on March 4,2024, approving the distribution of cash dividends to the company’s shareholders of 15% of the nominal share value, equal to QR 0.15 per share for the financial year ended 31 […]

Qatari Investors Group: Disclose the financial statements for Quarter 1 of 2023

Qatari Investors Group discloses the interim financial statement for the three-month period ending 31st March , 2023 . The financial statements revealed a Net Profit of QR 54,500,000 in comparison to Net Profit QR 82,000,000 for the same period of the previous year. The Earnings per Share(EPS) amounted to QR 0.04 as of 31st March […]