Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our commitment to the community and to the nation, the Company considers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a crucial pillar of the business environment. Both corporate governance and CSR activities within the Company focus on adopting ethical practices and demonstrating a commitment toward its Shareholders and Stakeholders. As the world began awakening from the COVID-19 Pandemic and all the restrictions that came with it, QIG was able to participate in and activate several initiatives in some CSR activities on a company level and through its subsidiaries as well. OUR ROLE IN THE WORLD CUP 2022 QIG had the honor to deliver diversified services for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, the amazing tournament that left a lasting legacy of sustainable economic, environmental, social, and human development for Qatar. This impeccable event presented an unprecedented opportunity for our business and our responsibility toward society.

Through its subsidiaries and partners, QIG has provided the below:

  • Facilitated the three cruise ships, which offered a unique hospitality experience to the World Cup fans, at Doha Port and provided all shore side assistance and operational support to facilitate the day-to-day operations of these ships.
  • Transported the vast majority of all the world cup related cargo, which included cargo related to the construction of various stadiums, food, and other supplies to meet the additional requirements for the multitude of guests visiting Qatar during the tournament.
  • Facilitated entry procedures for broadcasters of the two official channels in Mexico, “Televisa” and “TV Astika”, approved by FIFA to cover the activities of the World Cup.
  • Delivered branding for the 8 stadiums, and 100 non-competition venues and installed thousands of wayfinding signage, 87 km of fence scrim and nearly 20,000 street flags.
  • Delivered a multitude of mobility services during the tournament, ranging from traditional car rentals to transfer services and transportation.
  • Contributed to securing the stadiums with personal screening devices, metal detectors, automated turnstile gates, provision of mobile vehicle screening units, advanced under-vehicle screening systems, threat detection equipment for the vehicle checkpoints, and checkpoints for the Cruises ships.
  • Several employees from QIG and its subsidiaries joined the FIFA volunteer program and assisted in several activities throughout the month of the World Cup 2022.

FITNESS & HEALTH QIG fully supports a healthy lifestyle for its employees by improving their fitness level, in the three “Get Fit Challenge” seasons organized by one of its subsidiaries, Europcar Company, the company selected the winners who lost weight and achieved a healthy BMI. The goal is to improve the fitness level of employees and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANY – QATAR W.L.L (MSC), a partner of QIG Marine Services, organized an “MSC Challenge Trophy Football Tournament”. This is the third time MSC has organized a sporting event exclusively for the shipping fraternities in Qatar. During the tournament, 14 teams participated. This comes as part of keeping our staff fit and healthy, as well as entertainment and appreciation to them.

Europcar Company organized a day for its staff to talk about women’s role in society, and break the bias about women. This was part of the company’s annual events calendar where the staff gets to communicate and share their knowledge regarding each topic.
QIG supported the “October Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, through its subsidiary Europcar, where an annual campaign was organized to increase awareness and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. A gathering was organized with a competition and prizes all related to Breast Cancer. Further, MSC, a partner of QIG Marine Services, invited a local Doctor from the Asian Medical Center to raise awareness among the female staff in the office regarding this subject.

As part of the Company’s focus on the environment, and its commitment towards the country’s community and well-being, QIG has initiated an agreement with Electronics Recycling Factory (ERF), the first certified ethical recycler of E-Waste in the GCC, where QIG and all its subsidiaries will be recycling all their electronic waste through ERF on an annual basis.

The goal is to reduce the harmful effects of electronics just laying around emitting harmful radiations that are not seen or felt in the short run. Further, through one of its subsidiaries, Europcar Company arranged for several recycling activities throughout the year, some of which were:

1. 500 KG paper waste recycled
2. Recycling of tire waste – 20 Nos od scrap tires recycled
3. E-waste recycling; Recycled toners and electric items

Additionally, the company, through its subsidiaries, collaborated with Doha Environmental Actions Project (Deap Qatar – hl=en), whereby 24 colleagues helped clean up the Singing Sand Dunes. On the actual day there were around x150 volunteers from different organizations. Collectively 400 kg of rubbish were removed within one hour.

Environmental protection is key to our sustainable business model. Guided by one of QIG Industries’ subsidiaries, Al Khalij Cement Company (AKCC)’s enduring commitment to mitigating the effects on the environment, we always strive to make our operations as efficient as possible and to continuously improve in areas such as water and energy use, protection of local biological diversity, waste management, noise, and emissions reduction. With all the activities that we continue carrying out, we strive to be recognized as one of the leading companies in terms of sustainability and environmental stewardship. In accordance with AKCC approach and commitment to social responsibility, 520 new trees were planted inside its premises, plant boundary, and its accommodation. Excess carbon dioxide (CO2) is building up in our atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Trees absorb CO2, removing and storing the carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. Further, continuing on this initiative, this year, AKCC launched a creative campaign, by cleaning waste and installing waste bins in various locations on the road, which connect the plant with Umm Bab road. As an outcome of this campaign, around 5 tons of different waste and tires were collected and 12 waste bins were installed in various locations. Our goal is to reduce air, soil, and water contamination as much as possible and to increase environmental awareness to our employees, contractors, and clients.

QIG supported International Men’s Day by participating, through one of its subsidiaries, in an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide.
Several employees from QIG and its subsidiaries participated in a blood donation campaign organized by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) that took place at QIG Tower, the Head Quarters office of QIG, during the early month of November, right before the FIFA World Cup 2022.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the company, through its subsidiaries, held an Iftar event for Customers and staff. The staff also arranged some meal boxes for local laborers during this month.

In line with the Group’s core values and the continuous effort in being a major player in the development and progress of the Qatari Economy and Society, the Group, through its subsidiary Al Khalij Cement Company (AKCC), welcomed 30 students from a Military school to explain to them about the factory and its role in the economy. During the visit, there was a presentation explaining the whole production process and some sample products for the students to see. A tour was conducted around the plant showing all the stages from extraction to production of cement, along with one of the engineers explaining and answering questions from the students, and further explaining the way the production takes place and all the environment-friendly processes and machines that take place.


Our Response to Covid-19

Like the previous years, QIG has continued monitoring the developments of the COVID19 pandemic throughout 2022. The company’s wide crisis management task force continued fulfilling its mandate mainly in defining, educating, and enforcing the company’s response through robust actions. The Committee took all necessary actions to mitigate risks, promote compliance with regulatory requirements, encourage the widespread adoption of preventive measures, encourage the vaccination
drive, and assuring the safety of employees and business continuity. The Committee has also focused on:

  • Protecting employees and customers.
  • Benchmarking, tracking, and embracing best practices.
  • Defining and enforcing effective action plans.
  • Conveying clear, regular, and consistent messages.
  • Raising awareness and promoting responsible behavior.
  • Prompting and facilitating vaccination. At the time of writing, monitoring and mitigation measures remain in place as well as promoting employees to take the booster dose is well underway.

We believe that sustainability is about preserving our environment, respecting our employees and community, and returning value to our shareholders. During 2022, QIG implemented a company-wide monitoring system in order to promote a positive contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals, which aim to improve the lives of people and create an all-around healthier world for tomorrow. Reporting annually on key measurements with qualitative and quantitative data. This is an enterprise-wide effort, engaging all our subsidiaries. QIG began its sustainability drive by adopting the following 5 goals:

Good Health & well-being: Employees are at the heart of every organization. Protecting the health, safety, and security of our employees, clients, guests, and others working on our behalf are key priorities.

Quality education: We provide an inclusive working environment in which we endeavor to develop our talent. Developing people is key to achieving our strategic objectives as a responsible business and for the long-term success of the company.

Decent work & Economic Growth: We recognize that our success is tied to fair employment practices and providing a safe and compliant working environment.
Responsible consumption and production: As one of our subsidiaries is a construction materials business, we have a greater responsibility to meet emissions targets and protect the environment. In addition, responsible consumption campaigns were launched across the company.

Peace, Justice and strong institutions: As a conglomerate consisting of several entities, we place a strong emphasis on transparency, accountability, good governance, and nondiscrimination at all levels.