QIG Financial Services

Our services meet the ambitions of the customers

QIG Financial Services meet the ambitions of their customers QIG Financial Services is characterized by integrated services for individuals and companies with the aims of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction through the best remittance, financial and investment services. The core services of the company are: •Remittance: Cash amounts are being exchanged all over the world through huge networks. The cash amounts are being sent through telex transfer and other modern methods including online remittance of cash through highly reputed international companies using secret codes and are complete within hours. The companies include: Western Union, Espress, EZ-Remit and Travelx.

•Brokerage: Selling and purchasing shares listed in the Doha Securities Market for individuals, companies and other groups.

•Management and Investment Funds

Management and marketing of new shares and securities in the Doha Securities Market.

QIG Financial Services respected customers regard the services provided with confidence and satisfaction. Relationships are strengthened on a daily bases which empowers the best services possible.

Background to QIG Financial Services

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry which encompass a broad range of organizations. This includes remittance, credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds and some government sponsored enterprises.

QIG Financial Services is the first specialized company working in the field of remittance, brokerage, management of investment funds and issuance of securities for companies and banks operating in accordance with the Islamic principles and the companies whose financial position complies with the Islamic laws for selling and purchasing shares.

There is a strong need for the investors to have a mediation company in the Doha Securities Market operating in accordance with the highest standards of the Islamic finance system.

QIG Financial Services has a group of efficient employees experienced in the field of banking and who are characterized by trustworthiness in dealing with remittance in any form of money transfer or payment.

Understanding Financial Services

Financial Services are generally not limited to the field of deposit-taking, loan and investment services, but are also present in the fields of insurance, estate, trust and agency services, securities, and all forms of financial or market intermediation including the distribution of financial products.

Aligned with a strong background in risk, market and regulatory pressures, Financial Services organizations are striving to grow and enhance their shareholder values.

Customer needs and expectations are growing by the day.  Hence the need for an experienced organization that can make a difference to personal wealth through personalized financial products and services. Intense competition has squeezed market margins and forced most companies to cut costs while enhancing the quality of customer choice and service.

As Financial Services organizations strive to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, the war for talent is intensifying. The risks increase as the products become more complex, while the organizations and the business environment become ever more uncertain.

The fast pace of change element within the global Financial Services market has created the need for a new generation of solutions that can operate in real time with a flawless reliability.

The challenges faced by the Financial Services market are forcing market participants to keep pace with technological advances and to become more proactive and efficient while striving to reduce costs and risks.