Customer Satisfaction

Alkhalij cement has adopted from the start caring for customer’s satisfaction as integral part of sales process. In this context the following has been practiced:

  1. Financially, with due consideration and understanding of the current market situation, Alkhalij Cement went to avail credit facility for clients; payments are accepted to be made up to 30 days credit time elapse.
  2. Technically, Alkhalij adopted a very practical and prudent concept to assist clients.
    1. Immediately as clients are approached, samples of cement are taken for running tests right at the client’s site. Test results are discussed and deliberated, in order to come up with conducive working results for the relation with the client parameter such as grain size distribution, fineness, chemistry of the cement, etc. Finally, Alkhalij cement along with client agree on terms and quality issue.
    2. Regular visits by Alkhalij cement quality personnel are effected in order to make sure that  clients are satisfied with the product.
    3. Alkhalij cement can either supply cement ex-factory or up to the client’s site.
    4. Alkhalij cement avail a regular record of third party quality certificate test (Chemical/Physical) for client’s satisfaction.
    5. Alkhalij cement runs a state-of-the-art laboratory including contemporary X-ray set and other lab test facilities.

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