Our Mission and Vision

Our vision and mission guide us as we build QIG into a highly successful manufacturing and service operation.

Our Vision

Committed to build Qatar by:

  • Being a first-class global conglomerate with a clear focus.
  • Ensuring continual growth that creates value for its shareholders.
  • Building strong brands that meet consumer needs and aspirations.
  • Embracing safety as a way of life. 
  • Being a responsible citizen and ensuring sustainable development. 
  • Being committed to the highest standards by conducting all business with integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • Fostering a performance culture in a learning environment that encourages mutual trust and respect, teamwork, customer orientation, and the sharing of best practices.

Our Mission

Aiming High: We should be one of the largest cement companies in the country, as well as providing a range of other services.

Growth in size will be through continuous review of the potential of our existing manufacturing resources, strategic acquisitions and expansions.
Quality  : Product quality, consistency and customer service will be pursued as an act of faith throughout the organization.
Modern Mindset: In an environment which is intensively competitive, we shall be futuristic in outlook and effective in management.
Human Resources : We consider people as our most valuable assets.
Value : People are to be considered the most valuable asset.
QIG will continuously strive to enhance its value to its customers, shareholders and employees.